Create Your Perfect Zipper Pouch: Floral and Solid Fabric Sewing Guide!

Create Your Perfect Zipper Pouch: Floral and Solid Fabric Sewing Guide!

Say goodbye to boring zipper pouches and hello to a handmade masterpiece with our DIY floral and solid fabric zipper pouch tutorial!

This easy-to-follow guide will teach you how to sew a chic and functional pouch that's perfect for storing your essentials.
With its small size and unique design, this pouch is sure to make a statement wherever you go.

Whether you're a sewing enthusiast or just starting out, this tutorial is suitable for all skill levels.

Join us as we guide you through each step of creating this stylish accessory that's bound to impress.

The finished measurements of this pouch are approximately 
16㎝(6¼″) W × 12㎝(4¾″) H × 6㎝(2⅜″) D.


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Let's get started!!

◆ Main Panel
①  25㎝ × 17㎝ (9⅞″ × 6¾″) Outer layer
①  25㎝ × 17㎝ (9⅞″ × 6¾″) Contrast Color Fabric
②  25㎝ × 17㎝ (9⅞″ × 6¾″) Lining
②  22㎝ × 15㎝ (8¾″ × 6″) Fusible fleece
◆ Front Pocket
①  25㎝ × 13.5㎝ (9⅞″ × 5⅜″) Outer layer
①  25㎝ × 13.5㎝ (9⅞″ × 5⅜″) Lining
◆ Flap
①  17㎝ × 14㎝ (6¾″ × 5⅝″) Contrast Color Fabric
◆ Others
①  15㎝ (6″) Zipper

Place the right sides together of the outer and lining of the front pocket and 
sew with an allowance of about 1㎝(3/8″).

Open out, press pieces and topstitch the front pocket.

Fold the flap fabric in half with the outer sides facing each other.
Sew with a 1㎝(3/8″) seam allowance, leaving an opening.

Turn it right side out through the opening.
And sew close to the edge on all sides except the top.

Place the front pocket on the main panel, aligning it with the bottom. 
Sew around the edges of the pocket, excluding the pocket opening.

Place the top edge of the flap 2㎝(3/4″) in from top of the main panel.
Sew only the top of the flap.

With assembled lining right side up, center zipper right side facing up along top edge.
Bend zipper ends in place (at both the pull side and end stop side).

Place the outer layer, right side down on top. Pin in place.
Using your zipper foot, sew along top edge using a 1㎝(3/8″) seam allowance.

Attach the outer and lining to the other side of the zip the same way.

Open out, press pieces away from and top stitch on both 1/8” away from the zipper.

Flip the layers so the outer bag pieces are right sides together, and the lining pieces are right sides together.
Sew the sides and bottom, leaving an opening on the lining.

Combine the seams so that a flat base is formed.
Sew with an allowance of about 1㎝(3/8″).

Turn out our pouch through the hole that we left not stitched.
After this, sew up this hole, and the floral zipper pouch is ready!