How to make a Notebook Pen Holder

How to make a Notebook Pen Holder 

Don't go to an important meeting with a pen, business card, and cell phone!

Easy to put everything in this Planner pen pouch! Conveniently without worrying about losing it!

It is a Notebook Pen Holder that is perfect for meeting notebooks, diaries, and books.

Have fun and happy sewing!

DIY Planner Pen Pouch[sewingtimes] 

The finished measurements of this pouch are approximately 10.5㎝(4¼″) W × 20㎝(8″) H



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Let's get started!!

Outer layer ( fabric )

2   12.5㎝ × 22㎝(5″ × 8¾″)

1   12.5㎝ × 32㎝(5″ × 12¾″)

1   12.5㎝ × 26㎝(5″ × 10¼″)

Lining ( fabric )

2   12.5㎝ × 22㎝(5″ × 8¾″)

Interfacing (Mid-weight woven - Pellon SF-101 Shape Flex' or 'Vilene G700')

2   10.5㎝ × 20㎝(4¼″ × 8″)

1   10.5㎝ × 30㎝(4¼″ × 12″)

1   10.5㎝ × 24㎝(4¼″ × 9½″)

Zipper 20㎝(8″) 

3㎝(1¼″) wide Elastic 22㎝ (8¾″)

Fuse the interfacing, centered, to the wrong side.
Fold the pocket fabric in half and stitch the top.

Place two pockets on the front of the pouch and baste with long stitch.

Center the elastic on the back of the pouch and baste with long stitch both ends.

Place the zipper right sides together on top of the outer layer.
Place the lining on top of the zip.
Sew with an allowance of about 1cm(3/8″).

Open out, press pieces away from and top stitch 2~3mm(1/8”) away from the zipper.

Use the same process to sew the zipper to the other side.

Flip the layers so the outer bag pieces are right sides together, and the lining pieces are right sides together.
Sew with an allowance of about 1cm(3/8″), leaving a opening.

Turn out our pouch through the opening that we left not stitched.
After this, sew up this hole.