Hobo Bag Reusable Shopping Bag Tutorial

DIY Shoulder Bag with Round Bottom

Make your own very simple but stylish and comfortable everyday hobo bag.

This shoulder bag is beautiful because round bottom and pleated shape.

You can make this slouchy soft bag with almost any other fabric, but I recommend denim or canvas.

Hobo Bag Reusable Shopping Bag Tutorial [sewingtimes] 

The finished measurements of this bag are approximately 48㎝(19″) W × 28㎝(11″) H × 14㎝(5½″) D.


You may watch the full video tutorial on my Youtube channel.

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Let's get started!!


Outer layer ( fabric )

2   54㎝ × 58.5㎝(21½″ × 23¼″)

1   14㎝ × 22㎝(5½″ × 8¾″)

1   27㎝ × 32㎝(10¾″ × 12¾″)

Lining ( fabric )

2   54㎝ × 58.5㎝(21½″ × 23¼″)

1   14㎝ × 22㎝(5½″ × 8¾″)

1   28㎝ × 44㎝(11″ × 17½″)


1   25㎝(10″) 

Interfacing (Mid-weight woven - Pellon SF-101 Shape Flex' or 'Vilene G700')

2   14㎝ × 22㎝(5½″ × 8¾″)

18㎜ Sew-on Magnetic snap

4㎝(1⅝″) Wide Bias tape - 260㎝(63½″)

The pattern for making this can be drawn by yourself by watching my YouTube video.

Place the piece of fabric for your pocket lining face down, right sides together over your outer piece.
Draw a long rectangular box which the teeth of your zipper will fit inside.
Then stitch exactly around the rectangle you just drew.

Draw another line through the center of the rectangle right across.
At each end, draw a triangle from the corners to that center line.
Carefully cut along the center line until your reach the triangle, and then snip into the corners, close to, but not through, your line of stitching.
Turn the lining fabric through the hole you just cut and out to the back.
Sewing with the front upper most, stitch around the opening to secure the zipper in place.
Fold up the pocket lining and pin along the 3 open sides.
Stitch the 3 sides of the pocket lining , making sure to only sew the lining, not through the outer fabric as well.

Place the right sides together of the outer and lining and sew the both sides with an allowance of about 1cm(3/8″).

Pleate the below of the bag to match the bottom and sew.

Place the right sides together of handles of the same side and sew with an allowance of about 3/8″.

Put and sew the pockets on the lining and make the lining of the bag in the same way as the outer.

Place and pin the outer layer and the lining with the wrong sides together.

Apply bias binding to the handle and the bag opening.

Attach a magnetic button on the inside and you're done.