It's a nice belt bag for carrying in safe all you necessary stuff with free hands.

This Fanny Pack has a back zipper pocket and a adjustable belt strap.

It's simple and easy to make, so give it a try.

DIY Waist Belt Bag for Beginner [sewingtimes]

The finished measurements of this pouch are approximately 20㎝(8″) W × 12.5㎝(5″) H × 3㎝(1¼″) D.


You may watch the full video tutorial on my Youtube channel.

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Let's get started!!


Outer layer ( fabric )

1   22㎝ × 23.5㎝(8¾″ × 9¼″)

1   22㎝ × 4.5㎝(8¾″ × 1¾″)

1   19㎝ × 30㎝(7½″ × 11⅞″) - for cover

Lining ( fabric )

1   22㎝ × 27㎝(8¾″ × 10¾″)

1   22㎝ × 22㎝(8¾″ × 8¾″) - for back pocket


2   20㎝(8″) 

Fusible fleece (It is similar to Pellon 987F ' or 'Vilene H630')

1   22㎝ × 23.5㎝(8¾″ × 9¼″)

1   22㎝ × 4.5㎝(8¾″ × 1¾″)

Interfacing (Mid-weight woven - Pellon SF-101 Shape Flex' or 'Vilene G700')

1   19㎝ × 30㎝(7½″ × 11⅞″)

1¼″ (3㎝) wide Webbing Strap 47½″(120㎝) -  Adjust the length of the bag strap to fit your body.

1¼″ (3㎝) wide Triglides Slide

1¼″ (3㎝) wide Side Release Buckle

14㎜ Magnetic button

Cut the rounded end of the cover fabric
Fold in half and sew.
Turn it over with a opening and topstitch on the 3 sides.

Place and sew the zipper between the top of the back pocket and the lining of the back pocket.

Sew the underside of the back pocket to the other side of the zipper.

Fold the lining, place it on the zipper, pin it and sew with an allowance of about 3/8″, leaving a hole.

Place the cover and bag strap and sew.

Attach the main zipper.

At this time, if you fold the ends of the zipper and sew it, both ends of the zipper are neatly processed after completion.

Flip the layers so the outer bag pieces are right sides together, and the lining pieces are right sides together.
Sew with an allowance of about 3/8″.
Then, combine the seams so that a flat base is formed.
Sew so that the bottom is 3cm.

Turn out the bag through the opening.
And topstitch all the way around. 

Attach the Tri-glide Slide and Side Release Buckle to the bag strap and sew.

You are finished.
You can use this waist belt bag in two way.